A sexless relationship called friendship

I have a friend, called Hannah, who has a very good friend called Mathew. Hanna and Matt are very good friends, they spend a lot of time together. He helped her move into her new house, they see each other at least once a week, they message each other every single day… you get the idea.

We all think something is going on, but they say they are just friends.

The other day a group of us met for dinner. Hannah and Matt came as well. We had a lot of fun and ate really good food. After the dinner, I was talking with my friend Lucy and she said the following sentence “They are going to be the last to know they are meant for each other”.

If we all see it, how come they don’t see it? Let’s go back to the beginning.

Hannah and Matt were together but for a really short time, then they decided to be friends. They became really good friends, to the point they once considered buying neighbouring pieces of land, they are planning to go on vacation together. You get the idea.

They have a lot of inside jokes and as Lucy’s boyfriend says “He looks at her with such devotion and love”.

My other friend Luna says it is obvious that something is going on. “They should be together, I don’t understand why they aren’t a couple” she said.

All this made me wonder: what is the difference between a really good friendship and a relationship? I decided to do a survey!

I strongly believe in friendship between men and women, however this case is a bit different. Everyone around them sees the spark between them, there must be something, right? But let’s go back to the survey!

And the results were: 1. Sex 2. Projects in common (commitment)

So Hannah and Matt are not having sex, and both of them are afraid of commitment, so there we have it!

They love each other, it is obvious but they are too afraid to commit and they both know sex would complicate everything (or that is what they think) so they say they are just friends. However, what they actually have is a sexless relationship called friendship. Whether they want to accept it or not. I mean, do you text everyday all day with your friends?

But hey, whatever floats their boat! As Lucy said “They will be the last to know” but one day they will realize that what they have is certainly something special.





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