Calling me pretty is not a compliment

I’m just going to say it. Not going to pee around the bush. Calling me pretty is not a compliment. I know some people say it with the best intentions. My grandma says it with the best intentions. However here is why I don’t take it as a compliment:

I was born like this. This is my hair, these are my eyes, this is my nose and this is my mouth. I didn’t get to choose it and I didn’t do anything to have this face.

Those thinking: “oh you are so full of yourself!” You can back off. Everyone is beautiful and that is why people should not compliment others on their physical appearance.

Obviously there is the exception! If I suddenly decided to get healthy and lose the extra weight and become super fit, as in have those dream abs… (#NewYearsResolutionOfTheLastTenYears) and someone came up to me and said: “Wow you are so fit!” That would be a compliment, at least I would take it as one. Why? Because they are praising my effort and self-commitment (something I obviously don’t have) to getting healthy.

You are probably wondering (or maybe just dislike feminists and decided to stop reading this post) what could be said instead. Simple! Here are some examples:

“You are so interesting/funny/witty” Do you see the pattern? Compliment someone on their personality!

We are all beautiful that is why it is unnecessary to use “pretty” as a compliment, because we all know it. We are all Queens and Kings! But feel free to compliment me on my personality. I mean I have been with myself for 31 years and I kind of like myself by now, it would be nice if people who liked me would say it once in a while.

Have a great Sunday!