I had been seeing this guy for a few weeks now. His nickname is Melo (read as “mellow”) which I find to be the perfect nickname for him. He is laid back, low key and super sweet!

We had gone through a lovely rollercoaster in those weeks. He seemed like a good person, that is why when he asked me at one am to go to the middle of nowhere with him I said: let’s go! And we went.

Ok, let’s rewind a bit. Tinder, Oh tinder. My profile is made up of two photos and what would be considered a “longish” description. What does it include? My political views, I am feminist, in case you hadn’t noticed.

But, Tinder, Oh Tinder, I was so close to delete you from my phone, when suddenly Melo said to me: “What an interesting description!”

I liked that, for two reasons. First, he had actually read my profile instead of just looking at the pics as if we were in a shopping mall picking up cute jeans. Secondly, he seemed to think being a feminist was a good thing (not like others who think that I believe that women are superior when the definition of feminism is about equality, but that is another point of discussion.. Sunday description idea!).

We started talking, one hour later we were already on whatsapp. For those of you not reading my blog or using Tinder, that is like second base you guys!

That was a Wednesday. We were going to meet on Sunday. On Friday he said if I wanted to go for a coffee because “Sunday was too far away”. Anxious boy, I’m liking it, I thought, and said yes.

He has a hobby that is his passion: kitesurf. So, our (in theory) first date, which was going to be that Sunday, was to go to the beach and spend the day. After Friday, I was wondering if that date was going to happen (insert hashtag of how I am afraid of second dates).

That first Friday we went to a park to drink a coffee on the go. 30 minutes later we were already in my house, but hold your horses! It wasn’t because of sex, it was simply because it felt good to invite him over to be more comfortable and not having annoying mosquitoes biting us. That coffee finished at 1am after a long beautiful conversation where we talked about everything and anything. It was super fun, yet as all first dates, I was nervous at first.

As the first coffee was over and I prepared another pot I realized he seemed like a good guy. Whatever was going to happen I was hoping we could still be friends just because I felt relaxed around him. (I could be my crazy me, say my stupid jokes and it was ok).

Sunday came and it was time for our second, in theory first, date. A very normal date: 8am (#sarcasm). We spent the whole day together talking, he did his kitesurf while I met his group of kitesurfer’s friends… A fun day under the sun. Afterwards, he took me home and we said goodbye.

We met for coffee and dinner a couple of times. We always had so much to talk about. It was a friendship with excellent sex.

One day I had a family dinner and we decided to meet after the dinner. While at the dining table I received a message on instagram. It was him. Why instagram? I was soon going to find out. He had lost his phone at the beach and was at home using his laptop to write to me.

He asked me if we could use my phone to find his (by using the “find my device” app). “Of course” I said.

He picked me up after dinner and we went to my house. It was almost one am. He opened the “find my device” app from my phone. It worked but his phone didn’t have enough signal to appear on the map. However, we could make it ring. Problem: only 13% battery. “Should we go now?” He said. “Yes, let’s go!” I said.

Ok ok, I know what you are thinking: Why would you go to the middle of nowhere to a random beach you don’t know with a guy you met two weeks ago on Tinder? And it is true, from the outside it seemed like a bad idea, but, well, the answer is that it just felt right.

But I am not that stupid so I told the girls what I was going to do in our group chat and shared my location for 8 hours. I had a good feeling about this night but I had to be somewhat responsible.

So we went! After one hour a half of walking around we actually found the phone, yes we did! “Can you hear it?” he said excitedly. “Yes I can!” I said happily. And we found it, we hugged and smiled at each other. We couldn’t believe we had actually found the phone! It was probably one of the most random situations: in the middle of nowhere, looking for a phone with a guy I had met two a half minutes ago.

He suddenly asked me: Are you ok? I probably looked tired of all the walking #citygirl. We still had to get back to the car which was not close by. I replied: “Yes! I am ok. You lead I follow” and he suddenly looked at me and said “or you can walk next to me.”

The writer in my wrote down that sentence in my mental notepad. I had said that he could lead because he had the flashlight and I had no idea where the car was. But it was true, I could simply walk next to him, and so I did.