Ellipsis: Part 3. A reflection.

As time goes by you get to know the real person and realize that all the qualities you gave to them are or are not true.

With Mellow, that is what happened. At first I thought he was ideal for “friends with benefit” type of thing, then I had a moment where I thought he was boyfriend material. And as I got to know him more, I realized what an amazing person he is, but he is not the one for me.

That is not because he did something wrong, no, not at all. I got to see his true self, and I realized I love his personality and way of being, but as friends.

I didn’t quite understand this before meeting Mellow. I thought that what you felt on the first date (or second) was what was meant to be. But that is not true. At the beginning you think you know the person and you give them a personality based on what little they have shown you. As time goes by, you get to know all the complexities and you may not like it or you may love it. In my case I love it, I love his personality but as I got to know him even more it was clear to me that friends, really good friends, is what we were meant to be. He is such a good person, but he is not the one for me.

At first I felt sad. I felt I had lost some sort of love, but that is not true. I gained a wonderful friend, I just got confused in the middle because I was feeling lonely and thought I needed someone by my side. I soon discovered that I am not alone, and that loneliness is just a feeling that can pass by as you look around and see all the wonderful people surrounding you. Sometimes you have to walk the steps to finally see what the other person is meant to be in your life.

Cheers to true friendship!





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