I know how to count

Today’s mission was simple: drive to the city next to mine and get to a birthday lunch on time, come back at around 7pm to finish some work things.

Precautions taken: sleep well because it is quite a drive, plus it will be a long day and I must drive back. Calculate some extra time in case of traffic. Fill gas before leaving current city so no need to find a gas station in an unknown city.

Today’s mission was: half completed.

It’s the night before, I have already put gas and I am going to sleep early, not because of the actual drive, but because it will be a long day and I want to enjoy it.

Woke up literally 2 minutes before my alarm went off, I was clearly excited about this birthday lunch! I was going to get to see my friends and have a great time.

I had a light breakfast because I knew the food would be delicious there! Took a shower and ready to go!

Got in the car, turned on the GPS and here we go! Everything seemed to be going as planned when: “No signal”.

“Come on GPS, not now” No worries, I’ve got my phone, I’m going to use my phone’s GPS and I will be there very soon. 

Phone: No signal.

Oh isn’t this fantastic! No worries, let’s think. Ok, simple: find someone and ask for directions, old school style.

“Excuse me sir, I am looking for Magnolia Street, 58”

“Hello there, oh you are lost, poor girl. Don’t worry, it is very simple..”

“Poor girl? Poor girl? Do you want to see my bank account? And what is your problem dude? You never got lost?” I thought, but said: “Oh wonderful” with my most sarcastic tone (though it seemed he didn’t get my tone, but whatever). Let’s continue with the story.

“It is very simple, go four blocks straight and then on the traffic light, turn right.”

“I’m almost there!” I thought.

“Thank you sir, have a wonderful day”.

I don’t want to fall into women’s stereotypes, because hello I write a feminist blog, but the truth is that, unlike my sisters, I am unable to have some sense of direction, so I get lost quite easily. However, I was hopeful, it was only four blocks. 

Unaware of the parking situation in this neighborhood I parked my car in the first spot I could find and decided to walk those four blocks.

Four blocks later there was no light, as in no traffic light to be seen at all. Should I continue walking until the light? Or should I turn right since I walked four blocks? I am not great with directions but I certainly know how to count.

I decided to ask another person. “Excuse me sir, I am looking for Magnolia Street 58” “Hello, yes, it is close by. You have to walk seven blocks until the traffic light and then turn left”

“Oh I was told that I should turn right here”, I said.

“No, this is Magnet Street, you are getting confused, let me explain it again. Go seven blocks straight and then turn left. You probably counted wrong.”

“Why am I being talked to as if I am stupid? I know how to count people!” I thought.

“Thank you sir” and I started walking veeeeery slowly. Why? Because I needed some time to think, and this man was not going to stop talking until I started walking in the direction he suggested (ordered) me to go.

Should I follow the first guy’s direction or the second one? I decided to check who was right by going right. 

“Girl, girl, you’re going in the wrong direction, I told you already, straight!”

“Yes you asshole, I heard you but I don’t feel like walking seven blocks to find out it is right here, so let me fucking see the name of the street” I thought.

“Yes, sir, I am going to get my car first” I lied.

I went to the corner and saw “Magnet Street”. The second dude was right, this was not Magnolia Street. However, I had a feeling the traffic light was the key. I walked a few blocks until I saw a traffic light and there to my left AND right was Magnolia street. Number 58 was just in front of me.

I wondered: If you don’t remember the exact amount of blocks, why not say “I think it is four blocks, but I am sure it is the one of the traffic light” and make things easier?

Why is it so hard for some people to admit they don’t know how to get to a specific place?

Do men realize that some women are very good with directions and might “disobey” the suggestions because they know what is right?

Probably not.

Do mean realize that treating someone as if they are stupid just because they don’t know all the street names in the whole world perfectly fine is just rude?

Probably not.

Do people realize that we are not stereotypes and that we know how to count and follow directions, even those women, like me, who have no idea where the north is?

Probably not.

Oh and in regard to the party, I got there on time, but I couldn’t find my car on the way back. I left the lunch party at 5:30pm and arrived home at 11:30 pm (the drive was two hours).




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