I'm not on a diet, thank you

I was out with a friend who I had been seeing but decided to just be friends (but that’s a story for another time). I picked him up from work and we went to have dinner. He suggested a restaurant near his office, I was more than happy with the choice.

We got in, left our coats and sat down. While talking about our days we looked at the menu. It was a quick choice for me. He knew the menu by heart, so he didn’t take long to decide either.

“To drink?” said the waitress.

“I want a coke please”, I said.

“I want this (pointed at the menu)” he said. He ordered a juice made of vegetables and fruits. “I love these types of drinks” he said.  Fine by me. We continued talking about our days.

A few minutes later, the waitress comes with a green juice that seemed so healthy and gives it to me. Before I could say “Sorry but I ordered a coke” my friend grabbed the drink and said: “They always do this. I like healthy drinks and they always give it to the woman at the table”.

This made me wonder: why do people assume the healthy diet-like drink is for the woman? I am not on a diet, thank you. And if you are implying I should be on a diet then you know where you and your green drink can go, right?

It is an assumption, that according to my friend, happened to him extremely often. How sexist is our society that when at a table with only one woman, the diet drink will be given to her?

You might wonder why this is offensive. If I am on a diet, it’s basically saying “You look like you are on a diet because you need to lose a few pounds”. If I am not on a diet, it is like saying “Hey, don’t you think you should lose some pounds girl?”.

Well maybe I've already considered and decided against it, because I love myself just the way I am.

Ok, that is not true, society has messed up my mind just like any other girl, but I love coke. I love normal coke and I will drink it if I want to.

Do waiters/waitresses understand how insulting their assumption is for the woman at the table?

Probably not.

Do waiters/waitresses understand how uncomfortable and insulting their assumption is for the man who has ordered the drink?

Probably not.




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