Letter to myself

Sometimes you try your best and it is not enough for some people. Sometimes you try your best and you get hurt. And that is part of the game, sadly.

Sometimes you try your best to get out of your comfort zone, you play games you never played before, but sometimes you get burnt.

Sweet soul, don’t let that affect you. You will be alright, just let time pass by.

Some people will misinterpret what you said, or your joke or your intention, but you know deep down that your intentions were always good.

I know you feel like a fool, trusting people you didn’t know, but sweetheart that is part of who you are. And if they can’t see the beauty in your sensibility, in your mistakes, in your smile, don’t let it affect you.

And if it does affect you, it is ok. You were always very sensitive but you express yourself wrong when you speak and people sometimes misconstrue what you are saying. Don’t worry, this too will pass. You will feel better.

Don’t feel bad, the world is cruel and you are a sensitive soul. Keep on writing your poems, keep crying and one day you will feel better.

People will read between the lines whatever they want, don’t let that affect you. Be kind to people, even to those who don’t understand you. Because we both know you tried your best and your intentions were good.

Don’t let them break you. Keep going. You are doing the best you can, and that should be enough.



©2019 por Probably