Needy or strong?

Today let’s talk about feelings!

A situation, a small short little thing happened and it made me wonder.

A friend I had been seeing took me to the airport. I was going on a one week trip somewhere not that far away. We kissed, we said goodbye, I grabbed my bag and started walking when he suddenly said: “call me”.

I looked at him, I smiled. “If you want me to, I will”.

It was a cute moment that (of course!) I had to tell my girl friends. Talking about this story, we found ourselves saying the following sentence “It was like a movie but the roles were inverted”. He was the one saying “call me” and I was the one leaving.

Three strong feminist women saying something like that. What had happened to us? Society. That is what. Unconsciously, we are constantly fed with an image of men and women and sold a love story where women are the ones always expressing their feelings and trying to break the walls the men have put up.

Had we stopped being feminist? No. Were we less feminist for having said a sexist comment? No. We were women trying to get out of this sexist way of thinking society has taught us. We discussed it, realized why it was wrong, and decided to not be harsh on ourselves for having had that moment with that sexist remark.

So I asked myself: why do movies always portray the woman as the “needy” one? And most importantly: why is it portrayed as “needy”?

I believe it is quite the contrary. If she or he is able to say: “call me” and show her/his feelings, then she/he is a fucking strong person. You go woman/man!

But in this case, it wasn’t me saying "call me", even though I wanted to, it was him. I loved every second of it not because he was saying something I wanted to hear but because he was being a strong person.

And that made me realize I had feelings for him.

Do men realize that it takes a strong woman to show her feelings and not a needy one?

Probably not.

Do men realize that when they show emotions and feelings, they come off as strong people and not weak?

Probably not.

# StrongNotNeedy

# Feminist

# FeministInProgress

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