Trying Tuesday: Online dates in times of a pandemic

The world is going through horrible times, everyone please stay at home, let’s all be responsible and together we can fight this!

Today is Trying Tuesday so what can we talk about today? Well the idea, as last week, was to post an article about Trying Cold Showers, which was a very interesting experience. However, in this last week some interesting things have been happening in the Tinder world, so let’s focus on that!

One would suppose that given the situation Tinder would die out since no one can actually meet, however we are human beings and we need human contact, so the dating world is evolving with the times.

In these last couple of days I have had two dates, how? You may ask. Well, online! The new trend is to have an online date through whatsapp video call or Skype. Is it weird? Probably. Is it interesting? Yes.

I absolutely love it. It is a way to see if you have chemistry with the other person without having to wait to meet in person after the quarantine. In other words, you can identify if the guy is a an asshole right off the bat, without having to wait for weeks to meet him. You save time and energy! #EfficientDating.

So as I was saying, I had two online dates, with two very different men.

Online date 1: The wanna be mysterious but boring guy.

The procedure in tinder is always the same: talk on tinder, move on to whatsapp or instagram, meet in person.

Let’s call this guy Ed.

Ed is a handsome man, who had done a masters in France and was visiting his family when the quarantine happened. He lives in France, but was right now in the country and couldn’t go back to his home.

What attracted me to me him? His sense of humor. He has this weird dark humor that (maybe affected by the lock down) made me interested.

We talked, laughed and decided to do a video call. Oh my the video call.

His need to be mysterious got on my nerves. Everything, absolutely everything, he said was sarcastic. You couldn’t have a real conversation with the man.

Given the situation (that I have quite some free time) I decided to give him a chance. 30 minutes later I just wanted to talk to anyone else who wouldn’t talk about sarcastic mysterious bullshit. It was time to move on, so I did. Next.

Online date 2: the younger guy who makes you laugh.

When this match appeared on my Tinder feed I was surprised. He is four years younger than me, very attractive, a free spirit who likes sports. He seemed like an interesting guy. His first line made me laugh, so I decided to give it a go.

Smooth sailing, that is how I would define it. We moved on to whatsapp and a while later we were in the call. 2.30am and we were finishing the call.

There are a lot of negatives in this situation, well, actually only one: his age. I know it is only a few years, but we are in very different times in our lives.

So why talk to him? Well, why not? I learned something very interesting with this guy: doesn’t matter if we never talk again, he showed me that there are still cool guys who enjoy a nice conversation, who you can laugh with. Someone who is interested in what you have to say and what you are going through. Someone with whom time flies by.

And that is what I deserve. I am not necessarily looking for a relationship, but we all deserve someone who shows interest.

Now I’ve just got to find that in someone my age… or ignore his age!