Sleepy but happy

I am tired but happy. Why? Because I slept one hour and a half. Let’s rewind to a few days ago.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been on Tinder for a couple of weeks now. In these couple of weeks you always have some people with whom you match but talk once in a blue moon. 

They text you one day, three days later you reply and so on. It is not that you are not interested, it’s just how it flows, slowly but surely.

I had been talking to a guy for a while now that way, very slowly. I am an intense person, but for some reason with him going slow seemed natural and beautiful.

Move on to yesterday, we started talking more frequently, as in have a normal conversation where one writes and the other one replies instantly. A while later we started joking about a call, and for one reason or another we ended up in a call, not a videocall.

6 hours later, that is 6am, we were still talking. Was I tired? Probably. Did I want to continue talking? Yes.

Due to the pandemic we cannot meet, and won’t be able to meet for quite some time. So why talk so much on the phone with someone? Is it the need to talk to someone or is it because you can actually have a connection when meeting online?

All this made me wonder: in times of pandemic, when talking on the phone is the only thing you can do, can you meet someone special online? Is it truly a connection or is it the need to talk to someone because we are on lockdown?

I don’t have the answers, maybe this is just a one night phone fling #PandemicTimes. Or maybe we talk again, who knows?

Even though I am tired, I am happy, because not only I laughed a lot last night, but it made me believe that maybe, just maybe, you can meet special people, even in a pandemic.

Plus: he is a musician and he played and sang a song for me. It’s a no-brainer guys.