The cutie that lasted a short time

First date: lockdown has many downsides but I must admit that thanks to it I had a pretty fun and genuinely innocent first date.

We met online on a dating app. He seemed interesting so we decided to meet in person. Due to the lockdown we decided to meet outside at the park and walk.

In my hometown the new lockdown restrictions were that at 6pm you had to be home. So, we met up at 4pm.

He was late and I was annoyed. I was so close to cancelling but for some random reason I didn’t. Maybe it was this crazy lockdown boredom or maybe because he was interesting and so so cute, or maybe all of the above!

Ok getting off track here, let’s go back to the date. We met at 4pm, like teenagers, in a park, to walk. Sunlight. ME WALKING. This guy better be worth it, I thought.

It was so lovely, not the walking part, but the chatting. So much talking. Since all bars and restaurants were closed due to lockdown, I invited him to my house.

WAIT. Not for sex, to continue talking while drinking something.

We had tea. TEA you guys! No alcohol. Just two thirty-something coming back from a walk in the park to drink some tea.

We talked and talked and talked.

It was time for him to leave, because it was almost 6pm. I walked him to the door. And you would expect this slow motion kiss, but hey this is not a movie, it is real life.

When I was least expecting it he kissed me. It was so unexpected yet so beautiful. I didn’t see it coming, which is weird because normally I can tell when it is about to happen. He got me off-guard.

He left. I locked the door and went upstairs. Ten minutes later he sent me an audio saying that he had a great time and thanking me for the good time. Yes, he sent an audio thanking me for my company. What a cutie!

Second date: it never happened.

So what happened in the middle? Let’s remember he was the one who sent me an audio right after our first date to thank me for the lovely conversation.

I thought that talking was our thing, so we kept talking. Until one day he didn’t send me a text so I, a feminist, decided to text him.

Fast forward five minutes later I receive a voice message saying that I was coming on as a little bit intense.

Let’s fact-check that please! Come on! Are women not supposed to text the guy if they feel like? What a sexist way of thinking.

He is probably a good guy, but he clearly has to revisit the definition of intense and realize we are in 2021, not 1900.

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