Trying Tuesday: A guide on how to impress the other person (and get laid after the quarantine).

Are men too slow or am I too anxious?

Dear people: I know we are on quarantine and you can’t go on an actual date with the person you fancy, but come on! Get creative. Get on first gear and let’s rock and roll!

Share memes, talk on the phone, organize an online date. Don’t let that girl/guy slip by because you are too squared and can’t think of any idea on how to go on a date with her/him.

So for today’s Trying Tuesday I am making (or trying to make) a guide on ways you can impress your significant other (or the person you want to have sex with after the quarantine, applicable for both scenarios)!

  1. Don’t disappear. Out of sight = out of mind. You disappear for a few days, there are a hundred other candidates trying to get her/his attention. This is not the time to try to seem to be “interesting and busy”. We all know you are bored out of your mind at home with nothing to do.

  2. Never underestimate the power of a good meme. When out of words, just send a meme. Make her/him laugh or someone else will.

  3. Don’t make her/him beg for attention. She/he might do it at first, but one day she/he will get bored. If you are thinking about her/him, let her/him know! Your penis won’t fall off for showing some kind of emotion online.

  4. Play games, play ANY FUCKING game. Make the most out of this quarantine and play cool games such as: never have I ever, 21 questions or even chess, whatever floats your boat. Show her/him what a rainy Sunday afternoon would look like when staying at home with you.

  5. Invite her/him on a date. How? Simple. Online! Get ready, have dinner ready at the same time and enjoy a beautiful video call. 

Are men slow or am I too anxious? The answer is probably both. I am trying to work on my anxiety, but men need to stop being turtles.