Trying Tuesday: Things I wish the guy I like already knew about me.

When you meet someone, discovering them is part of the charm of a new flame. However, I’ve been in the dating world for some time and sometimes, sometimes, I wish the guy I was talking to already knew all my defects. Why? You may ask. So we avoid the conversation: “You don’t like ice-cream?!”. 

I am 31, I have a lot of things to improve but I am not going to change for anyone because it took me a long time (and a lot of money in therapy) to finally love myself with all my shit.

“What shit? We are all beautiful human beings”, well yes we are all beautiful human beings but we’ve all got some ghosts in our closets.

What am I going to do about this? Well today is Wednesday and we are doing Trying Tuesday! I am going to have a different approach: I am going to write a post with a list with all my defects. Can he deal with it? We will see next week if we are still talking!

Let’s go! About me:

  1. My nickname is: Flor, florchu, florcis. Please don’t call me blondie, I know I am blonde, I don’t need a reminder of my hair colour!

  2. I hate ice-cream. Whattt? Yes, I have always hated it even when I was a little kid. This is not going to change doesn’t matter how many different flavours of ice-cream you want me to try. I hate it because it is cold, not because of the flavour.

  3. I don’t cook. I used to cook, I used to love cooking. I did several cooking courses and would cook for my whole family. However, that was a small time period of weird mental lapsus. I hated cooking, then loved cooking, and now I am back to being myself: I hate cooking.

  4. I am a minimalist with a shoe collection. I will probably get attacked for this by some of you, but oh well, this is me being honest (and not giving a shit). I am not a materialistic person per se, and I live a very minimal lifestyle. I am not a pro at it like some people, but I do enjoy the fact that my house is quite empty and not full of things. It makes me feel lighter, I have all the things I need and I am content. However, I love shoes, I have way too many. I have a shoe closet that goes 100% against all minimalists beliefs. However, I learned to love myself with my minimalist way of living and my love for shoes. I love this gray area and I am staying in it.

  5. I love to travel, read, write and walk on the beach. However sunsets depress me. Take me on a romantic date to watch the sunset and we will not have breakfast the next day. #SorryNotSorry

  6. I hate the following foods: oregano and strawberries. 

  7. Cakes are delicious as long as they don’t have fruit in it. If I want to eat fruit, I will eat a fruit. If I want to eat a cake please give me chocolate and cream, not apples.

  8. My extra kilos are proof of living life, going through shit and healing. I will get in shape one day, but there is no rush, because my mental sanity is way more important.

  9. Don’t tell me to relax when I am stressed, I will explode.

  10. Sometimes I am too positive and that annoys people.

  11. I am a romantic.

  12. I drink way too much tea. I drink tea all day long everyday. That means I go to the bathroom very frequently. The amount of toilet paper I use is way higher than the norm. I don’t know why people care so much if I am the one paying for my toilet paper.

  13. I never buy things in three. Everyone seems to think that is the best number. How many tomatoes? Three please. How many apples? Three please. Well I think the perfect number is four. You will think I am crazy but hear me out. When you buy three, you normally use two to prepare whatever food you are preparing, so you have one left. One is not enough for a second dish and it goes where food normally goes to die: the fridge. Four is the perfect number: you always have enough for one big meal or two small ones.

  14. I own a fridge but I don’t have it at home. As mentioned in the previous item, the fridge is where food goes to die. So when I moved to my new place I decided that I wasn’t going to take the fridge. So, I didn’t. And I love it. I don’t waste any food.

  15. I don’t own white underwear. Colorful underwear transmits happiness (at least in my head) so I always have what I call “Happy underwear” because happy underwear prepares you to have an awesome day!

This is not to say I am perfect, it is to say that therapy works, and we should all love ourselves with all our defects and work on them whenever we are ready to do so. Hopefully we will find someone that can accept us for who we are and not for who we can be.