Trying Tuesday: Three Tinder Dates

I’ve been single for a while now. I am not complaining, been loving it, had time to study and work a lot. My friends believe I am a workaholic so one day they convinced me to download Tinder in the spirit of Trying Tuesday.

What is Trying Tuesday you may ask? Well every week I will try a different thing, makes life interesting plus I can share it with you all!

So on today’s Trying Tuesday, I tried Tinder. I hadn’t decided to go on three dates only for this article, but after the third one I realized I had to write this interesting experience down.

Date 1: The Rich and Coward

I am a feminist woman and believe that we can pick up men and say the first sentence. After a few matches, and them not speaking to me, I talked to a few. Boring conversations started: Where you from? What do you do? Same old, same old when suddenly one guy texts me: “I am a workaholic too”. I had put that in my description (better be honest from the start!). He got my attention. We started talking, then went on to chat on Whatsapp, sent audios. Everything was going according to the plan. Suddenly we decided we were going to meet that Saturday.

On Saturday I was traveling to the city to meet up with a friend and then a group of us were going to a Philosophy talk. After that we would meet up.

His profile was interesting, not because of his money, since I truly don’t care about that, but his job was interesting and the way he made me laugh was something positive to consider.

Saturday came, I met up with my friend then went to the talk and he kept on avoiding the question of where to meet. “Too far away” he said. My feminist alter ego was fed up. He wouldn’t move to meet me. He could clearly afford a cab if he didn’t want to drive. He could have asked me to go over to his neighborhood, which I don’t know if I would have because #SafetyFirst, so I wanted him to come to the neighborhood I was in, were I felt safe.

Long story short, we never met. I told him how ridiculous all this was, he is 42! We are no teenagers. He was rich, but a coward. Next.

Date 2: The Crazy One

I was talking to a guy who seemed very nice. He lived in the countryside and worked with animals. He portrayed an image of calmness. The type of guy who takes you horseback riding and to have a picnic. One Monday we were chatting when he asked if I wanted to have a coffee.

To be honest I had a lot of work but I needed to get out, I was burnt out. “Yes, sure” I said. We met.

I don’t consider myself a superficial person, but I was surprised by his appearance, not because he was ugly, but because he looked nothing like the picture! Typical.

Being different to the pictures wasn’t enough good reason (though it should have been!) and I went on the date. We talked, we laughed, he seemed like a long time friend.

I felt great friendship chemistry, but nothing else. He, on the other hand wanted to see me again. The date became awkward, specially when he tried to kiss me. Without going too much into detail it ended up by me saying: “I have to wake up early, sorry”.

The next day I decided to put my big girl pants on and talk to him, explain that I saw him as a friend and that I hadn’t felt any chemistry like he had.

Oh my! A million audios on whatsapp later he stopped texting me. I decided to ignore him. He seemed like such a nice guy, but I was discovering he was what everyone had told me about: Mr.NiceButCrazy.

One week later he texted me again. Four days after that he texted me again a picture of his dog, and so on. I decided to ignore it. I wish I could have just talked to him and be his friend, but he didn’t want to be friends and he wouldn’t accept a no for an answer. So, next.

Day 3: The one night guy?

One random day I was bored and decided to entertain myself with tinder again, I mean I've had it for a week and a half, two failed dates, maybe I should give it another chance, right? Or maybe I was just too bored ha!

Suddenly I get a new match. His profile: musician, longish hair, tall, handsome and sexy. Oh boy I was in trouble.

We started talking, had good chemistry, went on to chat on whatsapp and decided to meet up in person.

We live one hour away and he was super nice to drive all the way to my city. #SafetyFirst. I chose the place. A place near my house that I already knew and where I felt safe.

I was waiting for him in front of the bar when I saw him pass by in his car looking for parking: oh oh he does look like the picture, I was in trouble.

We met, I tried to act normal and we had a great time. We laughed, we talked, we had breakfast the next day.

We woke up at 8am, he left at 14:30. He had something, but I knew then that I was in trouble.

Why you may ask? Because, without labeling him too harshly, he seems like the type of guy who breaks your heart in a million pieces and you know he will do it but you still want it because he has something special. The type of guy that you don’t know if he is emotionally unavailable or asshole.

What happened afterwards? I decided to take a trip on this rollercoaster and find out how it will end. He might one day disappear and that’s it, which is fine, I will remember him as my first one night stand. Or he might stick around for a while, who knows. I just know that even though I am pretty sure he will be trouble for me, I am eager to enjoy the ride.